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Formulated for those who prefer powder instead of cream eye shadows, RMS Beauty Swift Shadows are designed for quick and easy application. Available in 18 shades, the Swift Shadows are split into six color categories with names inspired by 1960’s black and white television shows.



Swift Shadows deliver the same light-reflective finish the RMS Beauty Eye Polishes are known for, but with a powder formula made for a longer-lasting wear. The color intensity is buildable, making all shades flattering and easy to wear.



Mixed with the industry’s best mineral color pigments, Rose-Marie’s favorite wild-crafted Buriti Oil and organic Jojoba Oil, Swift Shadows will not dry out the lid like traditional formulas.



Twilight Madness (grey / black) 


TM-21: a pale smoke shade 


TM-24: a warm charcoal shade 


TM-27: a smudged graphite shade 




Sunset Beach (yellows / golds) 


SB-43: a crushed pearl shade 


SB-46: a gold dust shade 


SB-48: a golden apricot shade 




Tempting Touch (beiges / tans) 


TT-71: a warm cocoa shade 


TT-73: a deep taupe shade 


TT-76: a bronzed taupe shade 




Tobacco Road (greens / browns) 


TR-92: a sage grey shade 


TR-94: an olive green shade with a hint of gold shimmer 


TR-97: a rich moss brown shade 




Garden Rose (pinks) 


GR-12: a dusty rose shade 


GR-13: a rosy brown shade 


GR-19: a shimmering pink shade 




Enchanted Moonlight (purples / burgundies) 


EM-61: a shimmery plum shade 


EM-64: a plum mauve shade 


EM-68: a pure violet/amethyst shade



Non-GMO, non-nano, soy free, gluten free, cruelty-free

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