Veja Fair Trade

Veja Fair Trade Woman Esplar Logo Leather Extra White Mia


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Upper : Leather

Panels : Leather

Logo V : Rubber and rice waste (23%)

Outsole : Amazonian rubber (31%), rice waste (22%) and recycled rubber (12%)

Insole : Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled E.V.A.* and organic cotton

Lining : Tech (100% recycled polyester)

Laces : Organic cotton (100%)

Made in Brazil in the region of Porto Alegre


The bovine leather comes from farms in Uruguay, a country known for its culture of animal husbandry and the quality of its leather. It is tanned in Brazil, respecting the REACH norms. Special attention is paid to water usage during the tanning process.


*ethylene vinyl acetate

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