Sticky Note Set, Daisies


When there are just too many things to remember, have got just the place to put them. This set of adhesive notepads includes five designs: one large pad that encourages you to say yes and sometimes no, one medium pad with daisies, and three page markers that are great for studying. And if that wasn’t enough, each pad has 100 sheets of paper.



4.7 in. x 4.985 in.

1 Large Pad: 2.75 in. x 5.38 in.

3 Medium Pads: 2.25 in. x 2.69 in.

4 Page Markers: 2.25 in. x 0.67 in.

Surface design by Kate Worum and Katie Kimmel!


Set of 8 adhesive note pads

100 sheets per note pad

Backer card with header

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