Skeem Design

Skeem Design Apothecary Match Jr Large


Skeem Design apothecary match bottles are a sophisticated and updated option for storing your matches, featuring a silk-screened design and cork lid. The bottles feature their exclusive strike-on-bottle design and have a striker strip on the back of the bottle for lighting all your matches in style.

Hand-made in the USA 

• 120 - 4" Matchsticks

• Strike-on-bottle flint

• 6" high x 3" wide

The Calligraphy bottle is silk-screened with the word "Matches" in a beautifully ornate calligraphy design. 

The Poetry bottle is silk-screened with the phrase "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

The Astronomy bottle is silk-screened with a moon phase chart.

The Burn Brightly match bottle features a matte gold “Burn Brightly” screen-print against the backdrop of all-black matches.

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