Osea Anti-Aging Set


Ocean Cleansing Milk melts away makeup and debris while soothing irritation and leaving skin feeling soft. 

Vitamin C Probiotic Polish is a fast acting exfoliant that delivers instant radiance.

Essential Hydrating Oil floods skin with all-day moisture while plumping skin and smoothing fine lines.

Advanced Protection Cream is the ultimate anti-aging moisturizer to restore skin’s youthfulness.

Anti-Aging Body Balm delivers deep and lasting hydration with the anti-aging benefits of a serum.

Vegan Leather Bag perfect for travel or gifting.


These customer favorites work together to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, plump skin and smooth fine lines. Help fade appearance of hyperpigmentation with Advanced Protection Cream while supporting the skin’s natural moisture balance. Anti-Aging Body Balm softens skin and improves the appearance of skin elasticity, making this set a full body experience.

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