Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate Body Wash


Flamingo Estate's botanical body wash is an aromatic experience for all senses to cleanse, soothe, and nurture your body's largest organ. Made without sulfates, synthetics, or parabens.

Clary Sage uplifts the spirit, reducing stress and cortisol levels. While flavonoid-rich St. John’s Wort nourishes the skin, Tasmanian Blue Gum Eucalyptus amplifies this blend with its potent cooling and antimicrobial activity.

Every ingredient in the tinctures was grown at Flamingo Estate and harvested by our herbalist Ash Cornejo. California natives like black sage, mugwort and poppy provide precious habitat for endangered insects and birds. Climate adapted plants like passionflower, tulsi, lavender, Mexican oregano and African blue basil grow throughout the orchard provide nectar and pollen for our bees and medicine for people. The garden team works with the natural rhythms of California’s many intricate seasons, rotating plantings to nourish — creating a system where earth medicine is people medicine. 

FE is committed to radical honesty with no harmful chemicals, synthetic additives or preservatives.

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