Hawkins New York

Hawkins New York Organic Dinnerwear Mini Bowl


Hawkin's Organic Dinnerware Collection is a study in fluid forms. Each piece lands somewhere between shapes; neither fully square, nor exactly circular, either. It'll keep your dinner guests guessing. The collection is made in Portugal, where each piece is hand-painted in a choice of four colors: white, blush, light grey and charcoal. Variation is natural in form and finish, and makes for a beautifully imperfect stack (whether on the shelf or in the sink). We love the Mini Bowls for meal prep, salt and pepper wells, or for serving garnishes like hot sauce or citrus wedges.  



Glazed stoneware




OVEN SAFE up to 450 degrees

SUDDEN CHANGES in temperature can cause breakage

SCRATCHES - Some cutlery and kitchen tools can cause minor scratches in the glaze, these can generally be removed with ‘Bar Keepers Friend’

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