Baudelaire Sisal Bath Brush 9"


Give your body a most excellent exfoliation with our traditional, Japanese-syle sisal brushes. They'll free your skin from the tyranny of old dead cells, which, after all are taking up valuable space that could be used by shiny new ones! Great for a dry massage too! The 9" size is great for your whole body, and is our most popular brush.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

There are a lot of blogs out there that go on for days regarding the benefits of dry brushing. People dry brush for different reasons, but we'll stick to the ones that we keep in mind

  • Exfoliation
  • Clean Pores
  • Lymphatic Support and Skin Detox:
  • Two Potential Bonuses to Dry Brushing
  • Dry Brushing Helps Reduce Cellulite


Here's How to Dry Brush the Skin:


You can dry brush before showering and use a natural lotion after showering. Or you can brush after showering by applying a little body oilto the dry brush bristles. We recommend dry brushing in the mornings as it's a perfect way to start the day.

Don't brush too hard! A soft and smooth stroke often works best. Always brush toward the heart/chest. Start with the furthest point and move closer and closer to the chest. Your skin will be slightly pink after brushing, but it should never be red or sting. If it hurts, you're using too much pressure.

Start with your feet and legs. Brush the top of the feet and then up the legs in long, smooth strokes. You can brush each section of skin as much as you like but we recommend 5-10 times.

Repeat the same process with the arms, starting with the palms of the hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart. Again, we recommend 5-10 times for each section.

On the abdomen and chest, brush in a circular clockwise motion. Then repeat the process on your back. To brush your face and neck, we recommend using a softer brush,than the one you use for your arms, legs, and chest.

Replace the brush every 6-12 months as the bristles will eventually wear out. We also recommend washing the brush every few weeks to remove dead skin cells.


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