OPTP LoRox Product Set


Build strength and resilience, perform balance and alignment exercises, and roll away stress with the complete set of LO ROX self-care products.

Complete Set includes:

LO ROX Aligned Life™ Aligned Roller™ (LOROX6): Developed by fascia and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh, the Aligned Roller is designed to elongate muscles, tone the body and provide regenerative massage. Measures 36” L x 6” dia.

LO ROX Aligned Life™ Travel-size Roller (LOROX4): This portable 12” L x 4” dia. roller is perfect to toss in a gym bag or use on the go.

LO ROX Aligned Life™ Mini Infinity Roll (LOROX5): This small, portable roller is ideal for deep tissue self-massage to help relieve pain in tight muscles.

LO ROX Aligned Life™ Aligned Domes (LOROX7): Ideal for performing exercises to help achieve alignment and balance throughout the body and for massaging tight muscles. Sold as a set of two.

LO ROX Aligned Life™ Body Sphere (LOROX8): Perform exercises to help build core strength, improve posture and release stress with this full-body massage ball. Inflation pump included.

BONUS! LO ROX Aligned Life™ Tote Bag: This lightweight, yet sturdy canvas tote bag allows you to take your LO ROX Aligned Life products with you wherever you go.

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