Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee Tolima Especial, Columbia


Canyon Coffee'ssingle origin coffee is small batch roasted in LA. Theirphilosophy for sourcing coffee is pretty simple: They are passionate about sourcing premium grade, high quality coffeesthat are grown with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

We Taste: Chocolate, Nougat and Stonefruit

100% Whole Bean Coffee
Elevation: 1800-2200 Meters
Process: Washed

Certifications: Organic

Especial = special. That's how we feel when we take our first sips of this Colombian coffee. On pour over, it's alive with flavor. On espresso, it's light roast enables a super bright, fruity vibrancy.we were really impressed with its sweet, clear flavor while maintaining the creamy body we love. These are the impressive qualities of coffees we source from higher elevations. The beans that comprise the Tolima Especial lot were grown between 1700 and 2000M above sea level.

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