Veja Fair Trade

Veja Fair Trade V-10 Bmesh White Nautico


The V-10 model made out of ecological and sustainable materials stands for 10 ans d’amour


- Upper in B-mesh: made from plastic bottles

- Panels made out of leather and suede 

- Logo V made of wild rubber 

- Lining made of jersey (33% organic cotton and 67% polyester recyclé)

- Insole made out of wild rubber and other synthetic materials

- Sole made of wild rubber from the amazonian forest (25%)

- Made in Brazil, in the region of Porto Alegre


The B-Mesh used by Veja is made from recycled plastic bottles. 3 plastic bottles are used to create a pair of sneakers. This upcycling process creates a smart fabric, both breathing and water-repellent.

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