RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty Savannah Peach Collection



The allure of the hauntingly beautiful Savannah Georgia hypnotized Rose-Marie Swift so much that she recreated the essence of this captivating city into the “Savannah Peach Collection”.



This set features the peach multEYEtasker and three new exclusives: monterey wild with desire lipstick, savannah sunset swift shadow, and scarlett peach luminizing powder. The shades in this collection were chosen to evoke the same spell that Savannah cast on Rose-Marie. The way the warm tones of the port city’s captivating sunsets blend into dark, where day is seduced into night, all come together in this set to give you that golden hour glow, punctuated by a sultry midnight lip.



Non-drying, enriched with our signature buriti oil for moist luxurious skin and lips. We press our powders without heat exposure such as baking to preserve the integrity of our ingredients avoiding unnecessary drying of the skin.



Non-GMO, non-nano, soy free, gluten free, cruelty-free.

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