Sofia Zakia

Sofia Zakia Medusa Relic Earring



"You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful and she's laughing."
- Helène Cixous

From the latinized Medousa meaning guardian or protector, in Greek mythology, ill-fated Medusa, once a beautiful mortal, was turned into a snake-hairedpowerful creature by the goddess Athena. Any creature to gazeupon Medusa wouldpetrify and turn to stone. In Ancient Greece, Medusa's headwas supposedly put upon apotropaic amulets and above doorways as a protective pendant.

Medusa embodies a connection between beauty, rage, femininity, and horror. Mythology is ever-evolving and ambiguity is the hallmark of sacred myth; history has since unravelled the story of Medusafrom her canonical origin. Medusa, crowned with venomous serpents, endowed with a fatal gaze, shifts from sufferer to protectress, no longer subject to victimhood but strong and powerful in her metamorphosized form.

Shaped by time, the Medusa Relic pieces come in shards, cut to pieces over the course of history.


Made by hand in Sofia Zakia's Montreal studio.

Original design. Listing is forrightside of Medusa's face only. Comes as single stud with butterfly.

Details are oxidized by hand with patina that will soften over time.

Available in 14K yellow gold.

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