OUAI Dry Hair Supplements


This Dry Hair Supplement helps restore dry hair to leave it looking soft, shiny and healthy. It also works to promote hair growth while preventing hair breakage and split ends.


Ouai Dry Hair Supplement is formulated to restore the natural beauty of frizzy and bleached hair, as well as dry and tired scalps. Take the supplement daily with a glass of water and see the desired results after about 90 days.


Kiss goodbye to dry, dull, frizzy hair with the unique and innovative Ouai Dry Hair Supplement that also works to moisturise and maintain a healthy scalp.


Key Benefits:

  • Works to leave hair soft and lustrous
  • Helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage
  • Contributes to increased keratin production
  • Helps to accelerate the natural growth rate of hair
  • Works to impart radiance and gloss

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