Lokah Coffee

Lokah Coffee Sumatra Ketiara Organic


Flavor Notes: Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, Rustic Cedar, Earthy Spice.

Roasting Method: Air Roasted

Certifications: Organic and Fair-trade

Varietals: Catimor, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Process:  Wet Hulled and Sun Dried

Altitude: 1200-1500 Meters

Sourced from Ketiara, a co-op run by women in Sumatra. Ketiara is dedicated to the preservation of the Leuser Ecosystem, as well as providing healthcare and education to its community.

Lokah's darkest roast, Sumatra Ketiara is rich and deep in flavor. However, the air roasting method avoids any bitter or overly smokey tones often seen in conventional drum roasted coffees. If you've written off dark roast as tasting "burnt" this is the coffee to bring you back in the fold. Our air roasting method removes the chaff from the bean resulting in fully caramelized sugars without imparting off-flavors from incinerated particulates. The end result is a sweet, rich, and clean cup of coffee. We love this coffee brewed through an Aeropress or steeped in a french press. 

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