Contrast Pink Satin Headband


For a single duotone, 100% pink satin hairband it can be used in various ways. You can place it on top of your head for the daily, preppy school girl look. Another way to wear this is around the head, so it looks like a turban, fantastic to make a minimalistic outfit POP! Perfect for school days or date night dinners, you pick!

Headbands are very soft and elastic, and the headband is perfect for sports, yoga/running/hiking

The headband strap not only makes you look beautiful, but also keeps your hair and sweat!

No matter where you go, you can wear them for daily exercise, evening walks or music festivals.

These size of these headbands are 21.3 - 23.2" (53-58 cm) and are suitable for head circumference 21.3 - 25" (53-63 cm)


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