Dermaflash Essentials Replenishment


Create the ideal canvas for facial skin care and flawless makeup application with The Essentials DERMAFLASH Replenishment Kit. This set’s three steps are for use with the DERMAFLASH device, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells, debris, and fine hair from the cheeks, jawline, lip area, chin, and forehead for a more even skin tone and all around healthy skin.

Replenishment kit compatible with DERMAFLASH LUXE and DERMAFLASH. This will not work with the Original DERMAFLASH

PREFLASH: Created to de-fat the skin and remove all traces of oil and residual products. This specially formulated cleanser leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and creates the ultimate surface for the DERMAFLASH treatment.

FLASH: Edges are designed for single use only. For safety, efficacy and hygiene, insert a clean, fresh Edge prior to each treatment.

POSTFLASH: Hydrates and balances after treatment.

Each Essentials Kit Contains:

1 PREFLASH Cleanser 1 oz

1 POSTFLASH Moisturizer 1 oz

Exfoliating Edges

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