Veja Fair Trade

Veja Fair Trade Venturi Flannel Snow Grafite

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The Venturi model is made from a combination of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.


Upper in Flannel (30% recycled plastic bottles and 70% recycled cotton)

Panels made out of Suede, Flanel & T.P.U. details

Side V logo made out of Rubber and rice waste (22%)

Midsole made out of sugar cane (54%)

Outsole made out of Amazonian rubber (24%) and rice waste (29%)

Insole made out of sugar cane (52%) and recycled

plastic bottles (23%)

Cushion latex in L-Foam (30% natural latex from Brazil)

Lining Tech (100% recycled plastic bottles)

Laces in recycled plastic bottles or in organic cotton


Suede is made from the underside of the leather previously brushed to make it softer and more flexible. It comes from the Rio Grande do Sul farms. It is tanned in Brazil, respecting the REACH norms. Special attention is paid to water usage during the tanning process. The suede is coated with waterrepellent oils to protect the shoes from light rain. The tanneries that work with VEJA are certifiedby the Leather Working Group. Made in Brazil.


The T.P.U. (ThermoPlastic Polyurethane) is a film glued on the sneaker. It provides additional seamless reinforcement, yet very light.


The L-Foam is the VEJA Running technology. Made out of 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex, the cushioning insert brings comfort and protection against vibrations (30% natural latex, 70% synthetic latex). Made in Brazil.


Flannel is a 100% recycled fabric brushed to create extra softness (70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled plastic bottles). Made in Brazil.

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