Herbivore Blue Clay Cleansing Bar Soap


Mineral-rich Cambrian Blue Clay revitalizes skin by improving the overall appearance of tone and texture. Soothes and uplifts the senses with a blend of Lavender and Litsea oils to balance skin. Each bar is unique and hand-crafted with love. 

Recommended for: Blue Clay Soap is best suited for oily, combination, and sensitive facial skin. Can also be used as a body bar. 

Target concerns:

+ Skin-balancing

+ Appearance of pores

Cambrian Blue Clay is a gentle clay that helps to soothe skin while helping to purify and soften skin. Its rich, soft lather makes it perfect for shaving.

Scent: Clay and lavender 

Texture: Solid bar soap, lathers into a rich, luxurious foam

Color: Pale seafoam

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