Los Poblanos

Los Poblanos Botanical Fragrance, Desert Lavender, 8ml

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Three types of lavender - Grosso, Maillette and Angustifolia - team up to form a potent trio with a delicate, layered fragrance. These essential oils are distilled using only the flowers of the lavender plants to create a slightly sweet, completely pure scent. Once blended with neutral, all-natural jojoba seed oil, it becomes our Desert Lavender Botanical Fragrance, made available in an easily applied roll-on format.


Expert tip: The lavender plant has been used historically to help promote calmness and wellness. This fragrance can help maintain a sense of calm throughout the day by using it as an aromatherapy stick. Apply to your temples, back of your neck and behind your ears to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to relieve headaches. 


Made with all-natural jojoba seed oil and a blend of three lavender essential oils

Proudly made in New Mexico

Tested on farmers, not animals

Available in a 0.3 oz glass vial with rolling applicato

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