Wylde One

Wylde One Brain Buzz


Supercharge your brain with Lion's Mane, Gotu Kola, Rhodiola & Ginkgo Biloba

Brain Buzz® is a powerful, mind-awakening combination of all-natural nootropics and adaptogens to enhance concentration, mental clarity, alertness, memory and overall cognitive function. This elixir is perfect for powering through long hours of work or meetings or getting in the zone for reading, writing, or other creative work. Also great taken daily to support long-term brain health. Get buzzin'. 

12 packets per box (3g of powder per packet) 


Great for:

Powering through long hours of work, meetings, or studying.

Getting in the zone for reading, writing, or other creative work.

Helping you perform at your mental best through busy days.

Anyone looking for a boost in productivity.

How to use: Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.

Tastes like:

Pleasantly herbal, creamy, smooth, balanced


Enhances Cognitive Function

Boosts Focus & Alertness

Enhances Memory

Boosts Energy

Banishes Brain Fog

Promotes Long-term Brain Health

Elevates Mood


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