Foundrae designer, Beth Bugdaycay has built a brand that inspires one to live authentically. This unique collection is 18k gold which can be highly personalized using symbols to create the wearer's own story of self-discovery & self-expression through tenets such as strength, love, aether, resilience, protection...

"I'm very inspired by women; the story of how each of us got here as well as our next chapter. When I was designing our first collection, it was important for me to incorporate iconic spiritual and mystical symbols resulting in a collection of modern heirlooms that is highly personal yet charged with an energy and style that’s meant to empower and to be shared." – Beth Bugdaycay

Foundrae is available only in-store at Atelerie. If you are interested in Foundrae jewelry collection please email or call 296-0280. We have a Foundrae catalog at the store with additional information.  

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