Two Rock Wines

Le Colture DOCG Pianer



This is the classic version of Valdobbiadene DOCG, the most popular regionally and throughout Italy. It marries together vivid aromas and velvety, full flavours with the crisp liveliness of its cascading mousse.


Fruit-rich scents of pear and apple meld seamlessly into floral impressions, backgrounded by crisp citrus, creating a rich, refreshing aromatic mosaic. The wine, velvet-smooth and alluring, fills the mouth and remains attractively dry, thanks to a healthy level of acidity.

To be served at 8/10°C it is ideal as an aperitif, or in combination with vegetable soups, seafood and pasta with delicate vegetable sauces.

Harvesting from mid-September until mid-October.

Vinification: a soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation of the must at a controlled temperature; the removal of the accumulated foam is followed by a second fermentation in steel vats with the Charmat method at a controlled temperature.

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