Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee Mahiga


A wildly delicious Kenyan coffee! It is super juicy, with a unique and refreshing sweetness. Try it iced as the weather warms.


Origin: Kenya

Region: Nyeri

Producer: Mahiga Wetmill

Process: Washed

We Taste: Red Grape, Berry, Brown Sugar


Summer in a cup. That first bite into a juicy strawberry.  Relaxing in the hammock after a day in the sun. A Wau Wau Collectif record.


Mahiga is the name of the wetmill where this coffee is processed. It is located in the prestigious coffee-growing region of Nyeri. Around 500 co-op members grow coffee for the mill.

The station is located along the Mumwe River, which is its direct source of water for pulping and washing the coffee. The river originates in the nearby Aberdare mountains, which are protected and designated as a national park.

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