Paravel Cabana Strap


Only 1 piece in stock!

Your options have multiplied. These interchangeable, colorful straps allow your Paravel to try out a new look, allowing you to transform your bags into completely new companions. Add even more personality by getting yours monogrammed.


Functional features: These straps attach to any item with a strap ring - including any Paravel bag that ships with a strap - and can be adjusted to your desired length.


Sustainable materials: Made from 4 upcycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. 

Dimensions (Length): 22"-40" (55.9cm-101.6cm)


Attaches to the Small Cabana Tote, Medium Cabana Tote, Grand Tour Duffle, Main Line Duffle, Weekender, Crossbody Capsule, or any item with a strap ring. The Cabana Strap does not attach to the Large Cabana Tote.

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