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Pictures of Snoozy Animals That Will Make You Sleep Better


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As suggested by its title, this ridiculous book is a sleeping aid which harnesses the relaxing power of cute animals. Well, wait—haven't you heard? The secret to a happy and fulfilled life is to just get eight hours of sleep per night. Except there's one big catch: getting a good sleep is borderline impossible in our current snoozing climate. We've got smartphones forever by our bedside—complete with the blue-light temptation of scrolling through social media till sunrise. There's only one solution: turn off the phone, and flick instead through this therapeutic book of snoozy animals. They will coo you into sleepy submission. This book is literally just pictures of snoozing animals. Some of the lil' sleepy sweeties featured include resting raccoons, cats having a catnap, napping numbats, siesta-ing seals, drowsy dingoes, slumbering sloths, and zebras catching some much-needed Zs. Toward these furry angels we must turn in these dire times of sleeplessness to get a good night's sleep of our own. This book is the follow-up-of-sorts to the hugely successful and totally adorable This Book Is Literally Just Pictures of Cute Animals That Will Make You Feel Better.


This Book Is Literally Just Pictures of Snoozy Animals That Will Make You Sleep Better

6.6'' W x 7.58'' H x 0.57'' D

Written by Smith Street Books

96 pages

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