Sofia Zakia

Sofia Zakia Plain Moon Tarot Card / (pendant only)



Your destiny awaits in the form of these timeless tarot tiles depicting your every yearning and embodying all key principals core to our human lives. Ancient perception has it that each tile channels your every desire, so set your soul essence free to guide your choice. It may be that in discovering all of your many dilemmas, you may just embrace more than one of these beauties!

TheMoonencouragescelestial dreamsandawakens a spiritual intuitioninyour life journey.

Designedfrom a mixture of original drawings by Sofia Zakia, as well as classical decks byJean Francois Alliette and Brian Williams, each card is engraved on both sides and is hand-oxidized to bring out theiretchings. The reverse side of each card portrays the sun and waxing and waning moons.


The celestial body most tied to intuition, dreams and our unconscious, the Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun. Moonbeams combine with the sun's rays over landscapes of sand and sea, awakening the tides to follow her reflection in the sea to a dreamland.

The Moon card is most associated with Pisces and Neptune, god of the sea. Together, they help awaken thepsychic and magical aspects of your inner self. The Moon helps you trust your instinct and awakens in you the answers to questions you've been seeking to resolve.


Made by hand in Sofia Zakia's Montreal studio, solid 14K gold

Each card measures 23mm x 12mm and is made of 0.9mm solid 14K gold.

Also available on a 16" chain or 20" chain. Chains are solid 14K gold. Please note that the jumpring will only allow tarot cardsto fit on a very narrow chain.

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