Kit.Sch The Satin Pillowcase Set -Blush


Helps to tame frizz & reduce breakage by creating less friction

Helps reduce breakouts by absorbing less moisture and dirt

Helps to prevent facial creases from sleeping

Gentle on skin, hair, eyelashes & eyebrows

Stays Cool all night


1. So irresistibly silky, it’s our best seller. 
Over 3.5 million sold and counting. No one can seem to resist sleeping on the softest, smoothest satin on the market. 

2. Wake up fresh faced.
Satin is a breathable material that doesn’t agitate your skin like cotton does, so it prevents skin creases, blemishes, and irritation on your face. 

3. Say goodbye to frizz. 
Hair glides with the greatest of easy across satin, so your hair’s protected against frizz, tangles, and breakage.

4. Keep things cool.
Naturally temperature-regulating and non-absorbent, satin creates the perfect conditions for a good night’s sleep.  

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