Heretic W-Florgasm 15ml


What would it smell like if a flower had an orgasm? It starts with a spark of pleasure—soft, tingling sensations of pink pepper and bergamot with a burst of orange blossom and sweet coriander. The heart chord is an aphrodisiacal blend of lush jasmine, tuberose milk, and sensual ylang ylang, all bathed in the warm afterglow of ambrette seed, that animalic musk that lingers on the skin with rich leathery undertones. Like a sunny afternoon romp that leaves you feeling freshly flush and perfectly primal, Florgasm is an enticing scent to quicken the heartbeat and enthrall the senses.


High alcohol levels (180 or above) emulsifies waxy and heavy floral extracts. Heretic lowered the alcohol content in this particular formula, which allowed some of the raw floral notes to come forward and caused a milky appearance. Heretic loved it and felt that it added to the fantastic drama of Florgasm. Enjoy!

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