Why Do We Love 3rd Ritual?

About 3rd Ritual:

Shaped by Taoist, yogic and design philosophies, we create mindful objects, botanical blends, and esoteric content that make meaning from the ordinary. 3rd Ritual strive to cultivate a more connected and mystical way of life through research, innovation and practice.
They believe that…

Simple rituals inspire sacred experiences.
When you move half as fast, you notice twice as much.
Mindfulness is a lifelong practice.
With all 3 3rd Ritual products your apothecary toolkit will provide tangible support for times of transition. With a spectrum of scents ranging from herbaceous to earthy, each aromatherapeutic blend was designed to enhance and inspire rituals like palm inhalation, self-massage, and the simple but sacred act of putting yourself to bed.

Try all 3 for all these various reason...
Sun, an invigorating body gel that creates a signature cool-to-warm sensation wherever it’s applied

Earth, a rich and grounding moisturizer that nourishes and restores tired skin

Moon, an ethereal and meditative blend of 12 essential oils carried by activated charcoal and evening primrose oil

Scent Notes
SUN: Invigorating, herbaceous, and stimulating
EARTH: Woodsy, earthy, and grounding
MOON: Ethereal, floral, and meditative

Palm Inhalation:
Palm inhalation is the simple yet impactful act of receiving scent from your hands.

This aromatherapeutic technique is often employed as a transformative tool for self-soothing, as the sense of smell has a direct pathway to the limbic system, the part of our brain that governs emotion, memory, and motivation. The physical and psychological effects of inhalation — versus skin absorption – are nearly instant. In esoteric dialogue, the hands are an extension of the heart, so unlike a perfume that is often worn for the pleasure of others, palm inhalation is an authentic form of self-care.
Many yoga classes conclude in Savasana, the Sanskrit word for corpse, “Sava” and pose, “asana,” a deceptively simple practice of lying on the ground.

The act of holding still both in body and mind is a sizeable departure from the constant stream of stimulation and activity we’ve become accustomed to. It is for this reason that vigorous physical asana practice can often be the best precursor to corpse pose—a bait and switch if you will—as we lure the body into a state of rest by way of effortfully tiring it in preparation.

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, a pioneer of modern yoga, used to instruct his students to rest in corpse pose in an act of reverence for the fact that we die a little every day. Students are trained to experience death, the ultimate letting go, so that they can then be reborn.

To fully embody savasana, one is neither conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep, resisting or persisting—but instead in the precious state that lies between, one that is effortless and at ease. One of our favorite ways to practice Savasana is with the support of an aromatherapeutic blend where scent acts as a rope, guiding you deeper into the cave of serenity by way of your breath.
How to Practice:

Select a scent that supports your intention. We use Moon before bed, Sun when we need energy, and Earth to ground.
Apply 1-2 drops to the palm of your hands.
Rub hands together, activating the blend by way of the natural oils on your skin.
Cup palms in front of your face without making contact.
Inhale deeply.
Remove your hands to exhale freely.
Repeat as desired.
How to practice:

Set up the conditions for minimal distraction, i.e. lower the lights, music, and blinds
(Optional) Massage lotion into your temples, behind the ears, and along the neck (even better if someone else does this for you)
Lie down on your back, ideally on a mat or flat surface
Allow your feet to splay open, your arms to rest by your sides with your palms facing up, and blink your eyes to a close
Scan your body from your toes to your head, searching for any remaining tension and releasing the area you’re gripping, i.e. your abdomen or your jaw
Allow your breath to occur naturally and let gravity do the work as your body heavies further into the ground
As thoughts or emotions arise, do your best to dismiss them without judgment, returning to the present moment again and again
When your Savasana is complete, invite yourself back to the present moment by noticing your breath, moving mindfully, and proceeding with intention