OUAI Wave Spray


This weightless texture mist is salt-free and uses rice protein and coconut water to create that ocean-dried hair look, without drying your hair out… Pro tip: Use Wave Spray with a diffuser for more wave definition, use before heat-styling for hold and dimension, or braid your hair for more defined, smaller waves. A weightless, salt-free mist that enhances natural texture for that "just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly" look.




Shake it up.

Mist damp or dry hair from root to tip (a little goes a long OUAI).

Scrunch or twist for easy, undone texture and enhanced natural waves.


Which OUAI to the beach? A nuanced blend of rich florals and sheer white musk, North Bondi was inspired by Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, featuring notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, rose de mai, violet, and more.

TOP NOTES / Bergamot / apple blossom / raspberry / Italian lemon

BASE NOTES / Patchouli / sandalwood / white musk

MIDDLE NOTES / Rose de mai / jasmine / violet


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