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Smile Makers The Romantic


The Romantic

Sensuous g-spot vibrator


The Romantic is a sensuous veginal vibrator that delivers a voluptuous stimulation on all of the vagina's pleasure spots at once. Feel its wavy sides tease the sensitive lower vagina while its long body and cutting-edge technology spoil you with pulsating movements. Indulge in rapturing ecstasy with its innovative experiential modes and fall in love with your inner self...


A Powerful Vibrator For Deep Pleasure

The Romatic has been crafted with a long body and angled head to follow your intimate curves, providing an irresistible massafe of the G-area or the deeper end of the vagina. 


Unlocking The Full Potential Of Vaginal Pleasure

Did you know that the lower third of the vagina contains 90% of its nerve endings? The Romantic's wavy sides create a throbbing movement on the lower vagina for tingling pleasure.


An Advanced Vibration Technology

To deliver the most ravishing experience, Smile Makers have placed the motion technology directly in the head of the vibrator, closest to its stimulation point. Its experiential modes deliver pulsating micro-movement effects, from deliciously taunting to deeply satisfying.

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