Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask


Meet nodpod

Microbead Pods

Four weighted pods with scent-free,

machine washable microbeads


Contours to your face for total-light

blocking comfort

No Elastic or Velcro

Lay freely over your eyes or secure

with our pull-through slit

Hollow Ends

Head resting comfort in any sleeping position

Dual Comfort

One side cooling jersey cotton,

other side warm microfiber

Icy Pod

Stays soft and flexible out ofthe freezer

Very simply, when gentle pressure is applied to the body it has a profound calming effect, like a hug. This science is known as Deep Touch Pressure and it’s something we can all benefit from.Four equally weighted pods

Hollow ends for head-resting comfort

Strap and Velcro free

Pull through slit for 360* head hugging comfort

One side jersey cotton, other side microfiber fleece

Pods filled with BPA-free polyethylene (PE) beads

Scent-free / machine washable


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