Heretic W-Dirty Lavender


Calming Lavender is muddled with Orange oil and Neroli blossoms, then laced with CBD, Palo Santo Fruit, Vetiver, and Sandalwood in this 100% natural grounding and magical perfume.


TOP: Bitter Orange, Cedarwood, Lavender

HEART: CBD, Lavender Absolute, Linalool, Neroli

BASE: Amyris, Palo Santo, Palmarosa Grass, Vetiver


No phthalates • No parabens • No synthetic dyes • No formaldehyde • Vegan-friendly • Cruelty-free


Each 50mL bottle contains 500mg CBD (15mL contains 150mg CBD).
Heretic handcrafted, natural fragrances surpass all industry standards of “clean” with their naturally derived ingredients blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol. Each ingredient in Dirty Lavender is 100% natural or naturally-derived as defined by ISO 9235 – Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Vocabulary.


Don't get it twisted, this is not your mama's Lavender perfume. 100% naturally-derived Dirty Lavender perfectly balances the masculine and feminine with its bright citruses, crushed herbs, grasses, and wood notes. Although Lavender already has a long and celebrated history for its calming and relaxing aspects, we also blend in mood-elevating properties of bitter Orange oil and Neroli with the calming aspects of Hemp-derived CBD and the grounding qualities of Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Palo Santo Fruit. The result is a functional fragrance that can chase the blues away and alleviate tension and stress.


Heretic fragrances are gender-neutral and made for everyone.


APPLICATION: We use plant-based natural ingredients, which means our scents are light and sheer. To increase staying power, you’ll want to apply the fragrance periodically throughout the day.

LAYERING: We also encourage you to layer two to three Heretic fragrances not only to increase the overall intensity but to help you create your next signature scent. Choose heavy and lighter blends to layer together, spraying or dabbing the stronger scent first. View the “Layer With” section above for our perfumer’s recommendations.


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