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Smile Makers The Ballerina


The Ballerina

Powerful vulva vibrator


Just like the hand of a lover making you remble with pleasure, The Ballerina cups the vulva into a sensual embrace. With it's soft and firm human touch texture and its pebble shape, this one-of-a-kind vibrator massages the whole vulva, from the clitoral glans to the vaginal entrance. Fitted with an upgraded and stronger vibration technology and new experiential modes, it takes you out of this world...


A New Vibration Technology

The new Ballerina will have you arch your back and curl your toes from mesmerizing pleasure... Fitted with a more powerful vibration technology, Smile Makers' vulva vibrator comes with 6 speeds and 6 fluid and dynamic pulsation modes. Indulge yourself with its exclusive "Surprise Me" mode...


An Irresistible Texture

Nothing replaces the touch of a lover, but The Ballerina vibrator comes pretty close. Its silicone shell plumped up with silicone gel inside creates a voluptuous sensation on the vulva. Delicate yet intense, its velvety feel will make you feel pampered.


A Palm Fit Vibrator

Designed for an instinctive grip and made to seamlessly enhance your pleasure moments, The Ballerina's pebble shape fits naturally in the palm of the hand. Covering the whole vulva, this elegant vibrator will sweep you off your feet with a sensorial experience that will leave you breathless. 

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