Adina Reyter

Adina Reyter Multi Baguette Posts


Post earrings with baguette diamonds. Diamond baguettes measure 5mm. Diamond Carat Weight: 0.33 Ct.

Available in 14k yellow gold


For the longevity of your pieces, AR recommend storing your AR pieces in a box or
pouch between wearings. To prevent tangling and knots in the chains, AR recommend
keeping your clasped necklace or chain bracelets in the small plastic jewelry
zip bag with the clasp outside the bag. Do not place more than one piece per bag.

To clean your AR Jewelry, use a solution of water and mild dish soap. For diamonds/stones apply with a soft brush - an old toothbrush can work well here. For 14k gold wash by hand or with a soft cloth, rinse and dry throughly.


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