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Smile Makers The Surfer


The Surfer

A powerful bullet vibrator


If clitoral play makes your knees go weak, you're going to love The Surfer. Straight to the point, this bullet vibrator gives passionate massages on the clitoral glans for tidal waves of pleasure. 


Pocket Bullet Massager

Small but mighty, this bullet vibrator packs a punch. It's powerful motor delivers and intense stimulation on the clitorus. With 3 speeds and 1 pulsating effect, take yourself from a teasing touch to a crashing wave of pleasure. 


From Clit Stimulation to Orgasm

Most people with vulvas enjoy clitoral stimulation and 3 out of 4 even need it to climax. That's why The Surfer is a gread add-on for both solo or partnered sex. And since the clitoris has a short refractory period, you can even surf one orgasmic wave after another. Wax up your board!


Discreet Player

Endorphine boost on the go? The Surfer bullet fits seamlessly into your purse and follows you everywhere. Super silent, it won't spoil the mood with a mechanical noise. If anyone should get loud, its you!


Size: 9.8cm x 3cm x 3cm

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