111SKIN Y Theorem Light Day Cream NAC Y2


This light to the touch version of our best selling day cream is highly effective at repairing skin and providing a protective barrier against aggressors found in pollution.


Designed to be used daily, it’s far from an average ‘everyday’ product; with Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration levels and plump skin, and a potent Vitamin Complex to shield the complexion, strengthen the skin barrier and repair damage.


But what makes this potent cream so effective is Dr. Yannis’s signature healing complex, NAC Y²™, which further reduces the effects of environmental damage, as well as promoting a healthy, youthful complexion.


Ideal for oilier skin types, or those living in humid climates, and a must-have for city commuters and urban dwellers in need of a little TLC. It feels light in texture, but still packs a punch.


Tested in space. The ingredients in this reparative seven day treatment program really go the extra mile. The key ingredient NAC Y²™️, evolved out of Dr Yannis’ collaboration with European Biochemical Engineers testing an ingredient called NAC on astronauts in space, an extreme environment where skin ages far more rapidly. The results were astounding. This revolutionary ingredient complex is scientifically proven to promote Glutathione production and encourage cellular renewal to visibly repair the skin and target the signs of premature ageing. Dr Yannis used this complex to develop his first ever formula, the Dramatic Healing Serum, the forerunner to our Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y². He gives this serum to his 111 Harley St. clients post-surgery to optimise healing. The NAC Y²™️ complex is at the heart of all of the products in the Reparative collection.


Repairs environmental damage. Shields skin with antioxidant protection. Promotes collagen and improved elasticity. Boosts hydration levels and plumps fine lines.

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