111SKIN Y Theorem Repair Light Serum NAC Y2


The inspiration for 111SKIN, Dr Yannis originally developed a super serum to aid post-surgical scar healing. Word spread quickly about this powerful formula and its incredible ability to fade discolouration, visibly reduce wrinkles, repair stressed skin, protect against sun damage and environmental aggressors.


Only a small amount of this lighter version of our serum is needed to enjoy the effect. You can expect rejuvenated, nourished, plump skin and it will come to the rescue if your skin’s been exposed to extreme conditions such as the ski slope or safari sun.


The perfect repair serum for oilier skin types and humid environments, our Y Theorem Repair Light Serum NAC Y² will thoroughly and reliably rescue your skin and bring it back to life.


Word of mouth. When Dr Yannis began giving his special formula (known then as “Dramatic Healing Serum”) to his post-surgery patients, he was satisfied knowing that thanks to his groundbreaking NAC Y²™ formula, their scars would be dramatically improved. What he didn’t expect was for his patients to keep asking for more. The formula was so effective at creating a firmer, stronger, repaired complexion it became a key part of their facial skincare regimen. Dr. Yannis realised quickly that he could help a lot more people to feel amazing in their own skin. He developed his healing balm into Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y² - and the rest is history.


Repairs, regenerates and protects. Science-backed healing. Tested in space - one of the most extreme environments which causes skin to age more rapidly.

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