Atelier Paulin

Atelier Paulin Bermuda Richelieu Necklace


One of our newest to our Bermuda Collection! Our Bermuda word necklace by Atelier Paulin.


Each Atelier Paulin piece of jewelry is made from a single precious metal wire, hand-formed by hand and on request in their Parisian workshop. 

Each artisan puts all his know-how and his love to the realization of your jewel.



The 14-carat gold filled wire: The 14-carat gold filled wire is a noble material with an English legal appellation concerning goldsmith's art. It is a solid gold envelope that is applied by heat or pressure on a metallic base such as copper. The gold filled wire contains 50 to 100 times more gold than a "gold-plated" jewel, which allows it to have the same properties as pure gold wire.

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