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Baby's Black and White Contrast Book


This high contrast baby book features beautiful black and white fine art that is specially designed for a baby's visual development. Plus, the accordion-style format means the book stands upright, making it the perfect tummy time book!

Infants have limited capabilities with vision upon birth and respond well to high-contrast images, which is why this black-and-white contrast book is perfect for their young and growing minds. This beautiful accordion-style board book provides developmentally appropriate visual stimuli for your baby’s visual development, while exposing them to life-like imagery that can grow with them and expand their vocabulary. Each animal painting was designed by Tabitha Paige, artist, speech pathologist, and author of the bestselling series Our Little Adventures.

This book is meant to be functional for your baby's many different learning needs as well as versatile for any space. The unique accordion-style format is perfect for tummy time, allowing your child to unfold the pages and stare and play with them, either with you or on their own. Beware, though: it's not toddler-proof! If tiny hands manage to turn it into a delightful chaos of flash cards, consider it an unintended bonus feature for early learning adventures!

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