Neighborgoods Basil Herb - Dish Towel + Sponge Cloth Set


The Neighborgoods' dish towel + sponge cloth sets are packaged ready for gifting! They come with a hang tag to make gifting even easier, and the label on the back shows what the full towel design looks like.

Packaged set includes one towel and one sponge cloth.



Each towel measures approx. 24"x26" (size tolerance 2-3")

All natural, unbleached 100% cotton

Machine washable

Hand screen-printed with eco-friendly inks



These Swedish sponge cloths are an eco-friendly replacement for kitchen sponges and paper towels. They last for months and are biodegradable or compostable, making cleaning up cute with less waste.

Sponge measures 6.8” x 7.75”

Made of 100% biodegradable material

Hole on top to make it easier to hang by the sink

Screen printed with waterbased, eco-friendly ink

Can be cleaned in dishwasher or washing machine

Soft and pliable when wet, and dries quickly in between uses

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