Baudelaire Beechwood Shaving Brush 4"


Pairing traditional Japanese rituals with modern-day sensibility, our elegant shaving brush assists in creating the perfect lather for a clean shave. The ergonomic design in elegant beechwood means comfort and durability in each stroke. Natural badger bristles ensure skin stays soft and renewed as part of your self-care routine. Each brush comes individually packaged in a sophisticated gift box.


Made from elegant beechwood, this 4” shaving brush with natural badger bristles is firm yet flexible to lift facial hair and create a luxe lather for a super close, irritation-free shave every time.

Designed for beauty and longevity, these timeless brushes are the perfect addition to a grooming routine.






Stimulates healthy circulation

Removes top layer of dead skin cells

Opens pores to air, moisture, and nourishment

Leaves a bright and healthy glow


How To Enjoy

Use a shaving soap and swirl the brush to generate a rich lather. Work a thin layer of cream into hair follicles using circular brush strokes.

After each use, rinse with clean cool water, shake out, and stand upright to dry.

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