Highline Wellness

Highline Wellness CBD Hand Sanitizer


One dose at a time


*New travel bottle*


Alcohol and CBD to keep your hands protected from germs and feeling clean and refreshed. Our alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a good way to help prevent infection and the spread of germs.


GMP Certified, THC-Free, Lab Tested




Alcohol for protection, aloe for refreshment

CBD hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol, making it effective against fighting the spread of germs. With this great power, sometimes comes unwanted effects like drying out your skin. Packed with aloe vera because of its high water content, offsetting the drying effect of alcohol. Instead of leaving your hands feeling clean, but dry, this CBD hand sanitizer leaves them feeling clean and refreshed!


How To Use CBD Hand Sanitizer?

When you cannot wash your hands, using hand sanitizer is a must. It’s the next best thing to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Use the aloe infused hand sanitizer in a pinch like after interacting with a high touch object like door handles, after shaking someone's hand, or before eating. Always keep it in your bag or purse as a precaution! Help stop the spread of germs, while reaping the benefits of aloe vera.

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