Kodanska Flow Vase


In a combination of art and design, Kodanska have in their new "Flow" series experimented with stripes, dots and fabric in glass. “Flow” comes from the term “go with the flow” and is the approach they often use in their design development. They always have an idea of ​​which product they would like to create and which direction they would like to go, but never the final design in mind. They let themselves be inspired by the path the process and the material guide them. With their "Flow" Collection, they had a desire to burn textiles into glass to give it a different look. But their ideas ended up in smoke as textiles and glass have different melting points. Together with their skilled glassblowers in the Czech Republic, the thoughts began to flow in stripes, shapes and colors - and after a few technical small adjustments, the vases were designed in just the right way. The glass vase 'Flow' was originally intended as a prototype, but it ended up being so beautiful that it became a finished product with a focus on organic shapes, beautiful clear colors and unique production. The "Flow" collection is mouth-blown and created freehand, whereby no two products are alike.


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