Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee Gedeb


Available year round, from the Gedeb region in Ethiopia. We love coffees from this area for their fragrant, floral aroma, sweet, balanced taste, and smooth lime-like acidity.


Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: SNAP Coffee

Region: Gedeb

Process: Washed

Certification: Organic

We Taste: Persimmon, Lime and Bergamot


The cup is deliciously sweet and round, with a smooth lime-like acidity. The broadest note picked up on hearkened to fuyu persimmons — one of Canyon's favorite fruit. When ripe, persimmons are great for their developed autumnal sweetness, which is almost honey-like. They seem to carry a trace of cinnamon.


The coffee is fermented underwater for approximately 24-48 hours. After fermentation the coffee is washed, and then soaked in clear water for about 2 hours. After the short soaking period, the coffee is dried on raised beds for approximately 10-14 days.

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