Kit.Sch XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth


Kitsch Eco-Friendly XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth is the perfect alternative to traditional loofahs. Built-in pocket holds your soap and recycled nylon mesh creates a rich lather while gently exfoliating and getting hard-to-reach areas. Say yes to smoother skin by making this chic addition to your shower routine.


Innovative pocket design allows you to use your favorite body wash bar! 
Extra-long construction scrubs hard-to-reach areas with ease, including your back! 
Gently exfoliates skin to leave you soft & smooth 
Mesh helps you create a sudsy lather for the perfect clean
Recycled nylon material is easy to clean & dries quickly, making it more hygienic than traditional loofahs 
Removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation for healthy skin

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