Kodanska Danish Summer Bowl Small


Its no secret that Kodanska often have an idea that ends up in a completely different place. That was the case with their new bowl – a beautiful mistake. The design of their beautiful Danish Summer Bowl was originally thought of as a cocktail glass, but during the process they were met with several challenges with the product quality and expression – which they never compromise on. After countless attempts, they were left with the top of the glass without the stem. They saw the design from a different angle and were left with a beautiful little bowl in their hands. The bowls are perfect for breakfast, desserts and snacks. Please note that all products are hand blown, which means that the product pattern may vary making every single bowl unique. All Kodanska products are suitable for dishwasher use on the delicate wash program. We recommend using the special program for glass at low temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. With this you will be able to keep your bowls looking beautiful longer.


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