Steamery Pilo No 2 Fabric Shaver Charcoal


The Pilo No. 2 is Steamery's new-and-improved fabric shaver that removes pilling from knits, coats, socks, blankets and furniture. With six precision razor blades, a strong motor and almost two inches in diameter of shaving area, this fabric shaver will leave your items looking as good as new!


Not only is this an effective tool, but it's also beautifully designed. We love the indent at the bottom where the power button is, which allows the shaver to be stored standing up at an elegant angle.


Available in two colors: Charcoal and Sand (beige)


Power Voltage & Frequency


100-240V, 60Hz, 500PW




Dimensions: 2.6" x 2.6" x 3.7"

Net weight: 0.34 lbs

Motor speed: 9000 rotations/min

Battery charging time: 2 hours



Press the power button to turn on

Place garment or fabric on a flat surface

Test on a small, less noticeable spot before using on the whole garment

Gently glide the shaver across fabric (do not push down)

Turn off the shaver and twist the top off to empty compartment of fuzz

Pro Tips


This shaver works on all kinds of materials, but please be gentle with cashmere, merino and alpaca.


You can use this continuously for one hour, no batteries necessary. It can even be used while charging! When traveling, bring the USB-C charger to use worldwide.


This shaver works best when the compartment is clean, so twist off the top and collect fuzz periodically. It comes with a narrow brush to clean the blades and the back of the shield. Always unplug the device before cleaning.

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