Blomus Ro Salt Peppermill


A pinch of style please! The RO salt and pepper mill has just the right spice for a functional design. The two different shades of beige add colourful accents to the table. Thanks to the plug-in mechanism, the containers can be opened and filled. The grind of the ceramic grinder can be adjusted from very fine to coarse. Available in two different wood tones. The set can be wonderfully combined with the blomus tableware series.



Care of solid, untreated oak: If the product is to be used with food we highly recommend treating the wood with oil. This protects the wood from discolouring and ensures that food odours and bacteria do not stick to the wood surface. We recommend sunflower oil for this purpose. The serving trays can be rinsed with warm water. However it is not recommended to soak them in water as this may lead to cracks in the wood.


Material: Oak, white, dark, oiled

Height: 160 mm

Width: 55 mm

Length: 55 mm

Designer: Theresa Rand

Outdoor suitable: No

Dishwasher save: No

Microwavable: No


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